Product And Services

The Hospital has been designed to become a recognized leader in its target market for its expansive line of emergency, clinical and surgical services. The facility will feature adequate clinical space that will include all scale emergency room, several operating rooms, a cardiology lab as well as radiology department. The hospital will also have 350 beds for in patient care. The Hospital location has been identified and will be located in Karimkunnam, Thodupuzha district of Kerala state. The third section of the business plan will further describe the services offered by the hospital.

Cedar Hospital is seeking to develop an expansive facility that will provide emergency, medical and surgical services to the residents of the target markets. Management strongly believe CIMS will be India’s first pain free multi super speciality hospital with following specialities. Medicine and surgeries this include adult and children.

1. Accident and emergency department
2. Out patients
3. 360 inpatient beds
4. High tech diagnosing labs
5. General medicine
6. Orthopaedics
7. Neuro sciences
8. Cardiology
9. Anaesthesia
10. Gastroenterology
11. Gynaecology
12. Urology
13. Cancer institute
14. Aphaeresis medicine
15. Ophthalmology
16. Blood sciences
17. Dental institute
18. Ent

19. Dermatology
20. Endocrinology
21. Cosmetology
22. Plastic surgery
23. High tech ambulance service with helipad
24. Physio department
25. Rehab unit

26. Mental health
27. Recreation centre
28. Long term stay with geriatrics
29. Ayuervada
30. Medical tourism
31. Dialysis Centre
The total in patient space is expected to be about 360 beds. By the middle of first year of operation, the hospital is expected to operate at 100% occupancy. For each section of the hospital, the latest in medical technology will be acquired. Currently, the management team has sourced a number of medical leasing companies that hospital will use to acquire its medical/surgical assets.
This is especially true within the radiology department, which will feature the latest technology for diagnostic services and oncology treatment